Convert Your Android Phone into a Pocket Miner!

Convert Your Android Phone into a Pocket Miner! Buy it for just 110 USD!

Detailed Instructions:

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Download the latest version of SWATMINER APK for Android 10 from this link.

Install it on your Android Phone. Run it.. You will see an IMEI number or Alpha numeric Device ID on the mining Screen in case of Android 10. Note it down correctly with care.

Click SWAT Logo Image. You will be redirected to Coinpayments Payment Gateway.

Fill up the form completely with your Name, Address, Email and Phone Numebr. In the Note to Seller field type the IMEI number you see on your mining screen on the SWATMINER APK and the ETH Address you will use to mine SWAT.

Make your payment in the Coinpayments payment link. Confirm transaction by sending your tx id/payment id along with IMEI number displayed on mining screen to this 

Mail ID:

Once payment/email is received your device will be activated by authorizing your IMEI number or Device ID.

You can mine SWAT by pasting your Metamask/MEW, ETH Wallet address and signing in.

Mined SWAT can be sold/traded instantly on FATBTC.COM, EtherFlyer, P2PB2B.IO, SatoExchange...

System Requirements: Quad Core Processor and above, 2 GB RAM and above, Android 6 and above.


SWTCoin mining can be extremely volatile. It is not uncommon to have ROI swings of 50% from one month to another. Moreover, because profitability is contingent upon SWTCoin price and mining difficulty- two things which cannot be predicted into the future, any calculations made with today's numbers may not be applicable one month from now. SWATMiner purchase is based on your own decision understanding the above risks. Mining has to be done 24 hours daily with good internet connectivity and constant interaction with the mining screen. For best results Every two hours it is ideal to sign out and sign in to the mining screen. Mining screen has to be on and on top always for mining to continue. Since mining revenue is also based on ad revenue and watching rewarded videos it is imperative to close any ad that appears on the mining screen in order to continue the mining process.